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I’m Millie.

Entrepreneur, mother, foodie, self-trained chef and a health and nutrition counselor.

I used to think that as long as I was eating salad and working out I would be healthy forever! Turns out I love food and I don't like working out like a machine! Luckily for me, wellness is so much more than the food we eat and how many times we exercise each week. There's so many aspects to take in consideration when it comes to our health like stress and sleep.

I strongly believe in learning and understanding when it comes to take care of ourselfs. No more counting calories, no more good or bad food. Understand how your body works so you can make choices that works for YOU.

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1 : 1 Consultation

Get a plan that fits your needs. Get the tools that will help you achieve your goal. From meal plans to weekly support, I got your back!



Looking for some information or some delicious recipes? You’ll find everything you need in the blog section.


Back to basics program

Learn about nutrition, cooking, self-love and finally be able to make long lasting choices that works for you. 
Program coming in 2022

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What clients are saying...

Millie helped me when the doctors didn’t know how. I have struggled with abdominal pain, discomfort and bloating for most of my life in my 30’s, and now in my 40’s I am finally looking inward to figure out the problems. And with Millie’s help I was able to cut out the food and introduce new foods to help with all of the discomfort I have been through. Now I have some knowledge of why I have felt they way I have and what foods can be triggers for me. Thank you!


Millie built me a plan and made sure I understood everything. She was incredibly knowleadgeable and customized all of her suggestions to fit within my busy schedule. She is motivating and supportive. It was amazing to ask her questions and get answers I could understand and use! She makes herself available for her clients. Great experience!


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